Variable Speed Limit Signs(VSLS)

  • 1180*1180mm
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Featured with innovative technologies and top-notch designs, Optraffic Variable Speed Limit Sign is capable of displaying speed limits, texts, and graphics, which significantly reduces the safety hazard by changing speed limits in temporary work zones, roadworks, construction sites, school zones, and accident-prone areas.
  • Full-Matrix LED Display
  • 24/7 Uninterruptible Solar Power Supply
  • Remote Control via PC or Laptop
  • 4G Connection & GPS Location
  • Speed Data Logging with Intelligent Feedback
  • Auto Dimming System
  • Specifications
    Display Size: 1080*1080mm (Case Size: 1180*1180mm)
    LED Colour: White/Red
    Solar System: 2*150W Solar Panels, 2*120AH Gel Batteries, with Solar Controller
    Optraffic Web System (Fully Remote Control)
    Optraffic 3G/4G Controller, GPS Mapping, SMS Alert
    Temperature Sensor & Light Sensor, Auto & Manual Brightness Control
    External 110/220/240V AC Battery Charger
    Hydraulic Mast Lifting System
    Compact Trailer with Hot Galvanized Steel, Anti-UV Powder Coated Finish
    Options: Onsite Tablet, Speed Radar, Mast Lock

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