Portable Traffic Message Signs(VMS)

  • 1620*990mm (Amber)
  • 1620*990mm (5 Colour)
  • 2450*1470mm (Amber)
  • 2450*1470mm (5 Colour)
  • 2660*1600mm (Amber)
  • 2660*1600mm (5 Colour)
  • 1660*1020mm (RGB)
  • 2140*1340mm (RGB)
  • 2620*1660mm (RGB)
Solar System:
  • 1*150W, 1*120Ah
  • 2*150W, 2*120Ah
  • 3*150W, 3*120Ah
  • 3*150W, 4*120Ah
  • Rotation
  • Radar
  • Soft Switch
  • Onboard Controller
  • Paint
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Featured with cutting-edge technologies and top-notch designs, Optraffic Portable Traffic Message Sign is intended for high-visibility display of texts, graphics, and animation. The full-matrix device is fully programmable and is widely used for traffic management, municipal construction, mining industry, commercial advertising and public events.
  • Full-Matrix LED Display, MUTCD Compliant Font
  • 24/7 Uninterruptible Solar Power Supply
  • Real-Time Remote Control via PC/Laptop/Tablet/Phone
  • 4G Connection, GPS Location, Scheduler & Journey Time Solution (JTS)
  • Auto Dimming System
  • Specifications
    Display Size: 1620*990mm, 2450*1470mm, 2660*1600mm, Customizable
    LED Colour: Amber Colour, 5-Colour or RGB Full Colour
    Solar System: 2/3*150W Solar Panels, 2/3*120AH Gel Batteries, with Solar Controller
    Optraffic Web & App System (Fully Remote Control)
    Optraffic 3G/4G Controller, Real-Time Monitor, GPS Location, SMS Alert
    200+ Predefined Traffic Control Images
    Temperature Sensor & Light Sensor, Auto & Manual Brightness Control
    110~240V AC Switchable Charger
    Hydraulic Mast Lifting System
    Compact Trailer with Hot Galvanized Steel, Anti-UV Powder Coated Finish
    Options: Onsite Tablet, Speed Radar, Mast Lock, Solar Kit & Tilting System

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