Skid Arrow Signals

  • C (2400*1200mm), 17 Lamps, Manual
  • C (2400*1200mm), 25 Lamps, Manual
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Designed with innovative LED technologies and ultra-low power consumption, Optraffic Skid Arrow Signal is intended for long-lasting display of high brightness flashing arrows, caution bars, and directional signals, which is widely used for traffic management, municipal construction, mining industry, temporary work zones and public events.
  • High Brightness LED Lamps
  • 24/7 Uninterruptible Solar Power Supply
  • Maintenance-Free Gel Batteries
  • Auto Dimming System
  • Waterproof & UV Resistant
  • Specifications
    Board Size: 2400mm*1200mm
    LED Lamps: 25pcs, Amber Colour
    Flashing Pattern: 12, with Auto & Manual Brightness Control
    Solar System: 1*150W Solar Panel, 1*120AH Gel Battery, with Solar Controller
    Manual Winch Lifting System
    External 110/220/240V AC Battery Charger
    Compact Trailer with Hot Galvanized Steel, Anti-UV Powder Coated Finish
    Option: Custom Flash Mode

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