Truck VMS Signs

LED Type:
  • 10mm SMD RGB
  • 6mm SMD RGB
  • 8mm SMD RGB
  • 16mm SMD RGB
  • 20mm DIP RGB
  • 20mm DIP Amber
  • 25mm DIP RGB
  • 31.25mm DIP Amber
  • 30mm
  • 880*880mm (80x80) Standard
  • 880*880mm (80x80) EN12966
  • 1020*1020mm (96x96) Standard
  • 1020*1020mm (96x96) EN12966
  • Optional Standard
  • Optional EN12966
  • Standard
  • EN12966
  • 1620*990mm (5 Colour)
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Optraffic Truck VMS Sign features high-efficiency LED modules for reduced energy consumption, superior performance, and outstanding legibility, displaying messages from a moving or parked vehicle and fully controlled in the cabin. The truck-mount LED sign is ideal for pavement marking & striping, pothole repairs, road convoys, emergency vehicles and commercial advertising.
  • High Visibility Full-Matrix LED Display
  • In-Cabin Controller
  • Auto Dimming System
  • Waterproof & UV Resistant
  • Optional EN12966 Lens Screen
  • Specifications
    Display Size: 880*880mm, 1620*990mm, 2450*1470mm, 2660*1600mm, Customizable
    LED Colour: Amber Colour, 5-Colour or RGB Full Colour
    Power: 12V/24V DC
    Controller: Optraffic Web & App System, Lumen or Other
    Temperature Sensor & Light Sensor, Auto & Manual Brightness Control
    Enclosure: Anti-UV Powder Coated Aluminum/Steel Cabinet
    IP65 Waterproof, Optional Cooling Fans for Overheating Protection
    Options: Onsite Tablet, Speed Radar, Electric Actuator, Folding Kit, Mount Stand

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