Solar Mini Traffic Light(Eco)

  • 3 Lamps x 4 Way, Arrow
  • 3 Lamps x 4 Way, Signal, Trolley
  • 1 Lamp x 4 Way, Signal
  • 3 Lamps x 4 Way, Signal, Square
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Optraffic Solar Mini Traffic Lights are widely used in high-traffic scenarios, such as single lane control (one lane closure, alternative to manual traffic control), T-junctions, intersections, roadworks and construction sites.
  • Ultra Brightness 1/4-Way LED Lamps
  • 24/7 Uninterruptible Solar Power Supply
  • Maintenance-Free AGM Batteries
  • Auto Dimming System
  • Easy to Operate, One-Man Deployable
  • Specifications
    Custom Size and LED Lamps
    Ultra-Bright LED Lamps with 800/1000m Visibility Distance
    Solar System: 1*30/50W Solar Panel, 1*50/65/100AH Battery, or Other
    Material: Hot Galvanized Steel, High Transparency Polycarbonate PC
    Manual, Fixed Time, and Traffic Actuated Operation Mode Options

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