Tripod Traffic Signals(TTS)

  • 3-Lamps Traffic Lights on Tripod, Handheld Controller
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Optraffic Tripod Traffic Signals are your portable solution to manage and control traffic in temporary work zones and high-traffic scenarios, such as single lane control (one lane closure, alternative to manual traffic control), T-junctions, intersections, roadworks and construction sites.
  • High Brightness LED Lamps
  • Light-Weight Compact Structure
  • 1.5km Long-Range Remote Control
  • Waterproof & UV Resistant
  • Easy to Operate, One-Man Deployable
  • Specifications
    LED Colour: Red, Amber, Green
    Ultra-Bright LED Lamps with 800/1000m Visibility Distance
    Working Voltage: 12V DC
    Run Time: 20+hrs
    Remote Control: 1.5km (Optional Hand-Held Controller)
    Material: Hot Galvanized Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Polycarbonate PC
    Light-Weight Construction: 11.3kgs (Head), 4.0kgs (Tripod)
    Options: Hand-Held Controller, Tripod Bag, Sandbags (Tripod Ballast)

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