Tripod LED Floodlight

  • Tripod
  • Solar Trailer
  • 30W
  • 50W
  • 2*30W
  • 2*50W
  • 4*60W
  • 4*100W
  • 6*100W
  • 110-220V AC
  • 24V DC
    (5 pcs/pkg)
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Optraffic Tripod LED Floodlight is a portable illumination device designed for easy installation and transportation, providing high brightness LED lighting and wide beam angle light coverage, which can be mounted on a tripod or a solar trailer and is widely used for construction sites, temporary work zones, mining industry, utilities, night fairs, and other places that require lighting solutions.
  • 360-Degree Rotatable and Tiltable High Brightness LED Lights
  • Wide Beam Angle for Greater Light Coverage
  • Tripod or Trailer Structure for Increased Stability
  • Anti-UV and Weatherproof for Outdoor Use
  • Quick Installation and Easy Maintenance
  • Specifications
    LED Lights (Tripod Mounted): 1/2*30W, 1/2*50W
    LED Lights (Trailer Mounted): 4*60W, 4*100W, 6*100W
    Power: 110-220V AC (Tripod Mounted), 24V DC (Trailer Mounted)
    Colour: White Light with Yellow/Orange/Red Body, Customizable
    Material: Optical Glass with Aluminum Enclosure
    Option: Solar Panels for Trailer

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