LED Traffic Display

  • Standard
  • EN12966
LED Panel Type:
  • 6mm SMD RGB, 192*192mm
  • 8mm SMD RGB, 256*128mm
  • 10mm SMD RGB, 160*160mm
  • 16mm SMD RGB, 256*256mm
  • 20mm DIP RGB, 320*160mm
  • 20mm DIP Amber, 320*160mm
  • 31.25mm DIP Amber, 250*250mm
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Featured with cutting-edge technologies and top-notch designs, Optraffic LED Traffic Display is intended for high-visibility display of texts, images, and animation. The full-matrix screen is fully programmable and is widely used as an outdoor traffic information sign and/or a commercial advertising device at highways, stations, airports, plazas, and other special events such as exhibitions and ceremonies.
  • Full-Matrix Display with Wide Range Pitch Options
  • Remote Control via PC/Laptop/Tablet or Local Wi-Fi
  • Auto Dimming System
  • Waterproof & UV Resistant
  • Optional EN12966 Lens Screen
  • Specifications
    Display Screen: Custom Size and Pixel Pitch
    Pixel Pitch: P6/P8/P10/P16/P20/P25/P31.25, SMD or DIP
    LED Colour: Amber Colour or RGB Full Colour
    Display Format: Texts, Images, Animation and Videos
    Control System: Wi-Fi Onsite Control or 3G Modem Remote Control
    Enclosure: Anti-UV Powder Coated Aluminum or Steel Cabinet
    IP65 Waterproof, Cooling Fans for Overheating Protection
    Options: Onsite Tablet, Front/Back Access, Cabinet Material, Powder Coating Colour, EN12966 Lens Screen, Control System, Mount Bracket

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