Hybrid Light Tower

SLT Specs:
  • 3*80W, 4*150Ah, 2*440W, 5KW Generator
  • 4*100W, 6*150Ah, 4*440W, 5KW Generator
  • 6*100W, 8*150Ah, 4*440W, 5KW Generator
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Optraffic Hybrid Light Tower integrates solar panels and diesel generator, which can be deployed in low sunlight regions to provide long-lasting lighting solution. The hybrid model is widely used for traffic management, mining industry, construction sites, utilities, airports, seaports, military and large outdoor events like night fairs and sport games.
  • 360-Degree Rotatable and Tiltable High Brightness LED Lights
  • Long-Lasting Operation with Ultra-Low Power Consumption
  • Automatic Solar Charging with MPPT Controller
  • High-Efficiency Diesel Generator
  • Maintenance-Free Gel Batteries
  • Easy to Operate, One-Man Deployable
  • Specifications
    LED Lights: 4*60W/4*100W/6*100W LED Lamps
    Rated Voltage: 24V DC
    Generator: 5KW Diesel Generator
    Solar System: 2/4*440W Solar Panels, 4/6/8*150AH Gel Batteries, with Solar Controller
    Mast Height: 7.5m Maximum
    Hot Galvanized Steel, Anti-UV Powder Coated Trailer with Hand Brake and Leaf Spring

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