Solar OPT-Boom

  • Solar Boom Gate, w. Remote Controller
  • Solar Boom Gate, w. Remote Controller and Auto Detection
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Manufactured with innovative technologies and top-notch designs, Optraffic Solar Boom Gate can be deployed in heavy traffic situations to protect the safety of flaggers and traffic controllers. The easy-to-operate device is widely used in parking lots, temporary work zones, building entrances & exits, school zones, industrial facilities, construction sites and other restricted areas.
  • 24/7 Uninterruptible Solar Power Supply
  • 30-100m Long-Range Remote Control
  • Portable Boom Gate with Wheels & Legs
  • Waterproof & UV Resistant
  • Easy to Operate, One-Man Deployable
  • Specifications
    Motor System: 24V DC, 100W, 4.6A
    Motor Frequency: 3000rpm
    Tower Dimension: 1200*450*420mm
    Control Panel: Up/Down, On/Off
    Controller: Remote Controller and On-Board Manual Control
    Colour: Yellow, Anti-UV Powder Coated
    Material: Sheet Metal 1.5mm Thick
    Solar System with Charger
    Legs: 4*Adjustable Legs
    Arm Type: Straight Arm (Default), Folding Arm, Fence Arm, Retractable Arm
    Stop Sign: 450mm Diameter, Bolted to Arm, Customizable
    Options: Remote Controller, Arm Type & Length, Customizable Colour & Logo

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