Rubber Kerb Ramp

  • Middle-600*300*100mm(12kgs)
  • End-300*300*100mm(4kgs)
  • Middle-600*360*150mm(21kgs)
  • End-360*360*150mm(8kgs)
  • Middle-600*450*200mm(32kgs)
  • End-450*450*200mm(17kgs)
    (20 pcs/pkg)
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Optraffic Rubber Kerb Ramps are made of high-density molded rubber that is impact and temperature resistant for increased durability. The heavy-duty kerb ramp is designed with grooved surface for added traction in all weather conditions, which is popularly used to grant access for vehicles, trucks, RVs, or heavy equipment to go up curbs.
  • Durable Molded Rubber for Long-Lasting Service Life
  • Anti-Slip Grooved Surface for Added Traction
  • Features 2 Channels to Accommodate Cables and Hoses
  • Resistant to UV, Heat, Oil, and Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Pre-Drilled Holes for Optional Permanent Installation
  • Specifications
    Size (Middle): 600*300*100mm (12kgs), 600*360*150mm (21kgs), 600*450*200mm (32kgs)
    Size (End): 300*300*100mm (4kgs), 360*360*150mm (8kgs), 450*450*200mm (17kgs)
    Material: Rubber
    Colour: Black & Yellow
    Load Capacity: 15t
    Custom Size and Weight

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