Portable Speed Bump

    (5 pcs/pkg)
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Optraffic Portable Speed Bump is designed for easy installation and transportation. Featured with long-term durability and resistance to UV, heat, oil, and extreme weather conditions, the portable speed bump is your ideal solution to slow down the traffic speed in temporary work zones, parking lots, school zones, commercial areas, residential areas, and industrial facilities.
  • Portable Design for Easy Transportation and Storage
  • Heavy-Duty Structure for Greater Load Capacity
  • Resistant to UV, Heat, Oil, and Extreme Weather Conditions
  • For Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Specifications
    Size: 3000*225*50mm
    Weight: 13.7kgs
    Reflective Sheet: None, High-Intensity Grade, Class 1
    Colour: Yellow, Customizable
    Load Capacity: 15t
    Custom Size and Weight

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