Boxed Edge Sign Bi-pod Leg

    (180 pcs/pkg)
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Optraffic Bipod Legs are removable bipod steel legs designed for boxed edge signs, providing a stable structure for temporary safety signs to manage traffic and warn motorists of roadworks, roadway closure, speed reduction, and other hazardous road conditions.
  • Heavy-Duty Steel and Bipod Support Structure for Increased Stability
  • Removable Legs for Easy Storage and Transportation
  • Corrosion Resistant and Weatherproof for Outdoor Use
  • Long-Lasting Quality with Low Maintenance Cost
  • Specifications
    Size: 1210*742mm, Customizable
    Weight: 1.5kgs
    Material: 20*20mm/25*25mm Steel
    Finish: Yellow Powder Coating
    Custom Size and Shape

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