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Light the LED chip production process
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Light the LED chip production process

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1.LED chip test

Microscopic examination: whether the material surface mechanical damage and pitting pits lockhill chip size and the size of the electrode meets the process requirements electrode pattern is complete

2.LED expansion piece

Since the LED chips after dicing is still arranged in closely-spaced very small (about 0.1mm) is not conducive to the operation of the latter step.

Tableting machine extender bond chip film expansion, so that the spacing of the LED chip stretched to approximately 0.6mm. Manually expansion can also be used, but it is likely to cause the chips fall and waste problems of poor.

3.LED dispensing

Silver plastic or rubber insulation in the the LED bracket corresponding position point. For the conductive substrate of GaAs, SiC, having a back electrode, red, yellow, yellow-green chip, the use of silver paste. For Blu-ray insulating sapphire substrate, the green LED chips, insulating glue to fix the chip.

Process difficulty lies in the control of the dispensing process requirements are detailed in colloidal height, dispensing position. Silver plastic and rubber insulation the awake material has strict requirements of the storage and use of silver plastic, stirring time process must matter.

4.LED prepared glue

And dispensing the contrary, prepare gum is prepared glue first silver plastic coating on the the LED back of the electrode, and then installed in the back with a silver plastic LED LED bracket. The prepared glue the efficiency much higher than plastic, but not all products are applicable prepare plastic technology.

5.LED handmade barbed piece

LED chip (the prepared glue or prepare glue) placement will expand the barbed piece sets fixture, LED bracket on the fixture under the LED chips under the microscope with a needle a thorn to the corresponding position. The barbed piece manually and automatically cage than a different chip products applies to the need to install a variety of chips, easy to change at any time.

6.LED automatically loaded rack

Autoloader frame is actually a combination of the glue stick (dispensing) and mounting the chip two steps, the first point on the LED holder silver plastic(insulating plastic), and then the vacuum suction nozzle sucked moving position of the LED chip, and then placed in corresponding bracket position.

Automatic pallets in the process is mainly to be familiar with the equipment operation programming, while dipping of the equipment and installation of precision adjustments. Bakelite nozzle, try to use in the selection of the nozzle to prevent damage to the surface of the LED chip, especially blue, green chip must be used bakelite. Because steel mouth current diffusion layer that will scratch the surface of the chip.

7.LED sintering

The sintering of the silver plastic curing, sintering temperature monitoring is required to prevent the batch of bad. The silver plastic sintering temperature is generally controlled at 150 degrees centigrade, the sintering time is 2 hours. According to actual conditions can be adjusted to 170 degrees centigrade, 1 hour. Plastic insulation is generally 150 degrees centigrade, 1 hour.

Silver plastic sintering oven according to process requirements every two hours (or 1 hour) to open replace sintered products, not free in the middle open.

The sintering oven no further other purposes, to prevent pollution.

8.LED bonding

The purpose of the pressure welding is the electrode lead to the LED chip, the completion of the product the connecting work of the inner and outer leads.

LED bonding process gold ball bonding and aluminum wire bonding two. Aluminum wire bonding process pressure on the first LED chip electrode first point, then the aluminum strands to the bracket above the second point on the pressure after tearing aluminum wire. Gold ball bonding process in the pressure first before burning balls first, the rest of the process is similar.

Bonding is a key link in the LED packaging technology, The main process monitoring bonding gold wire (aluminum wire) the shape of the arch wire, solder, shape, tension.

9.LED sealant

LED package a little glue, potting, molding three. The difficulty of process control is basically bubbles, multi-material shortage, black spots. Design, materials selection, selection of a combination of epoxy and bracket. (In general LED not through the air tightness test) LED dispensing TOP-LED and Side-LED applicable to the dispensing package. Manual dispensing package demanding operating level (especially the white light LED), the main difficulty is the control of the dispensing amount, because the epoxy will thicken during use. The white LED Dispensing there phosphor precipitation lead to a light color.

LED filling plastic package Lamp-LED encapsulation potting the form. The potting process is first injected into the liquid epoxy in the LED molding die cavity, and then insert the pressure welding good LED holder, placed in an oven to allow the epoxy curing, the LED is disengaged from the mold cavity i.e. molding.

LED molded package will be pressure welded to the LED stent placed in the mold, the upper and lower two molds with hydraulic clamping and vacuum, solid epoxy into the dispensing channel inlet heating with hydraulic plunger is pressed into the plastic mold Road along the epoxy glue Road into each LED the molding slot and curing.

10.LED curing and after curing

Curing means the package epoxy curing, general epoxy curing conditions 135 degrees centigrade, 1 hour. Molded packaging is usually in the 150 degrees centigrade, 4 minutes. After curing is the epoxy sufficiently cured, and subjected to heat aging of the LED. Post-cured for improving the adhesive strength of the epoxy with the stent (PCB), is very important. The general conditions of 120 degrees centigrade, 4 hours.

11.LED cut tendons and dicing

LED production together (not individual), Lamp package LED LED bracket even tendons cut tendons cut. SMD-LED in a PCB board, dicing machine to complete the separation.

12.LED test

The test LED photoelectric parameters, test Dimensions separation LED products according to customer requirements.