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LED display life resolution
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Driver chip performance plays a key role in the display quality of the LED display
LED display life resolution

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LED display has a wide range of applications, good display screen fine, brilliant color. In practice, however, the display in just six months, or a rainy season after experiencing at first pretty picture no longer reproduce color distortion, dead lights, chunks of Huaping, professional technicians know this happened device failure or corroded lead to poor contact occurs.

    In the field of advertising, LED display is a relatively expensive electronic products, hundreds of hundreds of thousands, even hundreds, tens of millions. Well, such a huge investment in equipment, its longevity how to ensure good display effect and lower failure rate, can be maintained over the lifetime of the manufacturers as well as investors are concerned about the topic. Following from a technical point of view, to analyze the factors that affect the life of the display, explore the longevity measures to ensure that the LED display.

    Factors affect the life of LED display

    Factors affecting the life of the LED display due to classification according to the internal and external and internal causes performance LED devices, peripheral component performance, fatigue resistance; external causes LED display working environment.

    1.1LED light-emitting device performance

    LED devices display the most critical is the most relevant to the life of components for LED, we focus on the following indicators: attenuation characteristics, water vapor permeability characteristics of UV resistance.

    The luminance decay is the inherent characteristics of the LED. Display a design life of five years, if the LED brightness decay to 50% in five years, set aside to be considered in the design of the attenuation margin, otherwise the display performance can not be achieved after five years; attenuation indicators stability is very important, if the 3 years attenuation has exceeded 50%, it means that the life of the piece of screen advance end.

    For outdoor display is often subject to erosion of the moisture in the air, the LED light-emitting chip in the case of contact with water vapor will cause stress changes, or an electrochemical reaction leading to device failure. Under normal circumstances, the LED light-emitting chip is epoxy parcel from erosion, some design flaw or the existence of the LED device of sealing performance of the material process defects adverse vapor easily through the gap between the pin a gap or an epoxy resin with the housing combination of surface into the interior of the device, causing the device to fail, and the industry as "dead lights".

    Irradiation of ultraviolet, LED colloidal scaffold properties will change, causing the device to crack, thereby affecting the life of the LED. For outdoor LED UV resistance is also one of the important indicators.

    LED device performance improvement requires a process that requires the test of the market. Japan and a number of Taiwan-funded enterprises are very cautious not promise SMD outdoor waterproof. Some domestic manufacturers are eager to capture the market introduction of new products, outdoor performance assessment, but off the blind commitment. SMD5050 for outdoor display applications, there was a number of manufacturers to a large number of quality incidents occurred as some loss of up to tens of millions of dollars, are shocking.

    1.2 peripheral components

    In addition to the LED devices, the display also use many other peripheral components, including circuit boards, plastic housing, switching power supplies, connectors, chassis, any one component problems, may lead to reduced life of the display . So, if you display the longest life is determined by the short-lived life of key components, in no way an exaggeration. For example, the LED switching power supply, metal enclosure according to eight years of standard choice of materials, circuit board protection process performance can only support its work two years, two years after the damage occurs because rust that we can only get a 2-year the life of the display.

    1.3 products, anti-fatigue performance impact

    How to display products, anti-fatigue performance, depending on the production process. Botched three anti-treatment process to produce modular anti-fatigue performance is difficult to ensure that changes in temperature and humidity, the protective surface of the circuit board cracks, leading to the decline of protective performance.

    Therefore, the production process is a key factor determining the display life. The display production involves Production: components of storage and pretreatment, the furnace welding process, the process of the three defenses, waterproof sealing process. The validity of the process and material selection ratio, parameter control, and operatives qualities, the accumulation of experience is very important, so has many years experience in the factory production process control will be more effective.